ADMU, Will You Accept Me?

At around September of 2011, I made a very important decision in my academic life. I decided that I was going to transfer to Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU). If you want to know the reasons why I decided to transfer out of DLSU, search my blog for the Reasons Why I Hate DLSU-M series. That should clear up some questions. If not, you can leave your questions at the comment section below. :)

So back to ADMU.

I got my application for transferee and application for scholarship from ADMU, and all that was left to do was to study for the Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET). I didn’t study for it right away because my ACET was set in January; so I delayed my ACET tutorial ’til November.

Come November, and my workload had been doubled. November was practically like hell month for me because final papers, projects, videos and tests were piling in. During that month, I had my tutorial at the AHEAD Katipunan branch (which, by the way, is the best place to study for any college entrance test) while DLSU was churning out tests, papers and etc.

Much to my surprise, the secretaries at AHEAD still remembered who I was. Although, it should have been expected since I did sign up for their ACET tutorial twice before that :D (Note: The only reason why I failed the ACET the first two times was because I wasn’t ready for it, totally not AHEAD’s fault.)

As I did my ACET tutorial, I quickly saw what areas I needed to concentrate on. Math was definitely not my thing, which is ironic since my father and grandfather both graduated with latin honours in engineering. I concentrated on everything else and studied them like they were my finals.

December came, and I was fortunate enough to not have any final exams. However, in place of that, I had plenty of final papers and projects to submit. I received my term GPA of 3.627 for all that hard work :D Right after I got my grades, I was ready to review for the ACET.

I literally had only over three weeks for self review (I finished the AHEAD tutorial during the first days of December). I still get the jitters thinking about it. I even blogged at the eve of my ACET because I needed to loosen my nerves. Hahahaha!

January 15, the day of the examination. That was the day that I worked hard for over two months. I took the test, and I quickly saw how easy it was for me to answer it. Keeping in mind how hard my two prior ACETs were, each portion, excluding the math part, was accomplished five to ten minutes before time was up. I had more than enough time to review my answers and rest for the next portion. “Wow, AHEAD had harder exams. They were longer and the time was shorter too,” I thought.

I felt extremely confident that I could pass the test.

The application to ADMU called for an essay, and an essay, I did write. However, I think that it may have been too much since I did write about 20-21 pages. The subject of the essay was my animosity towards my father. It may not sound like the best thing to write about, but it was better than my first two drafts about my history of relationships that I had with women and how one girl changed my life forever a.k.a. A LOVE STORY. But who knows. I did my best to write it.

The thought that I may not be accepted into ADMU is really giving me this anxiety meltdown. I may not look it, but I’ve secluded myself from almost everyone. What if I wasn’t going to be accepted because I took 15 units once instead of 18? That term was terrible; that course should have been 6 units worth since I took it everyday and it was basically two subjects put into one course. Heck, it even had two professors for it! What if they didn’t like my essay? What if they found it offensive and arrogant? What if they won’t grant me a scholarship? :|

In about 30 or more hours, I’ll know if I get to fly with blue wings. In about 30 or more hours, I’ll know if I’ll have to resign from my position at my Batch Student Government at DLSU. In about 30 or more hours, I’ll know if  I finally get the opportunity to be an Atenean once again. In about 30 or more hours, I’ll know if  I’ll be granted the privilege to study as a scholar. In about 30 or more hours, I’ll know if I have to stop schooling for a year just to fund for my education. In about 30 or more hours, I’ll get the answers to questions I thought I never had to ask, but then had to because of unfortunate circumstances that were caused by my father. I’m getting anxiety meltdown, because in 30 or more hours, Ateneo will decide what becomes of me.

Forever Fornever. May 7, 2012.


56 thoughts on “ADMU, Will You Accept Me?

  1. hey! don’t worry I’m sure you aced the ACET!
    Actually, ADMU is also my dream school but I didn’t even got the chance to take the ACET. The day of the ACET, I lost my exam permit. I didn’t try to take it again because at that time, I was already accepted in DLSU. I kind of regret it now. :( I don’t hate DLSU but I’m always imagining what could have been if I studied in ADMU


    • Hey there! I’ so sorry to hear that :( You could always apply for graduate school in ADMU :) I know I might! Heck, we might even cross paths lol And thank you for your concern!

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog :D


  2. I know this familiar feeling! The “stage” which will determine what will happen to you in the next 3 years or so. You can do this! I want to say “chill” but I don’t know if that will help. I would recommend a hot beverage to quell your anxiety. Have nice warm tea!


    • I’ve been drinking coffee, which is totally opposite from tea LOL but think I just might take you up on that advice, considering you’re much more experienced with stress. If I’m not mistaken, you work. Right?


      • That’s what they call me back in college, stress.haha
        Yep, I am working now but planning to take up higher studies soon.
        Update ‘us’ with the results! Aja!


          • That is very true. There’s a line from the Big Bang Theory Comedy Show that is related to this one:

            Dr. Gablehowser: Hello Dr. Cooper, Dr. Hoftstadder, Dr. Kootrapali and Mr. Wolowitz.
            Mr. Wolowitz: I have a Master’s Degree!!!
            Dr. Gablehowser: Who doesn’t?

            Anyway, indeed, aside from the financial promotion, of course, continuous learning is a must! Have a great day!


    • From what I remember: Full units each semester/term, at least one year in your college and the rest are in the application form :D Oh, and you need to take the Ateneo College Entrance Test on January.


      • Hi Mr. Anarchy! does ADMU accept transferees with failed subjects? I should be 2nd year this year but because of failed subjects Im still 1st year, btw I’m from Mapua and I studied there for 5 terms . I hope admu wiould accept me in my case :(


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  4. Hey do you mind If I ask you a question? I am incoming freshmen of DLSU and I’m planning to transfer to ADMU on my second year in college. :) Will I be admitted to Ateneo (assuming that I pass) sa aking second year or sa 3rd year po? Thank you :D


    • 1) You will need to read the requirements that ADMU has in their application, now assume that as YOUR minimum requirements 2) Make an excellent essay, ADMU is known for its master in literacy. 3) Take review classes, preferably in Ahead. You can take one this summer, and get a free refresher course afterwards. 4) I’ve been wait listed three times, which means I’ve passed the test. What I didn’t pass was the quota. Not only do you need to pass the test, you need to be better than everyone else. 5) Upon entering DLSU, get into the 1st dean’s list and make sure you stay there. Transferring universities is much more difficult than getting into one, in terms of grades. 6) Assume a good position in a university org or student government and become project head/execute projects. This will look good on your application. 7) Join plenty of activities that concern the community with or without the university 8) If there is an important academic even in ADMU, join that too. I believe there’s a part of the application where you can that down.

      These are pretty much the bare essentials. I’m sure you can make it. Godspeed!


  5. Hi hello Mr. Anarchy. I am also a student who plans to transfer to Ateneo on the S.Y. 2015 – 2016. Well, I may not be sure but I know that you are an Atenean now. I would just like to ask about the crediting of subjects/units for transfer applicants in Ateneo. When you went to Ateneo as a transfer applicant, did they credit much of your units? Are you an irregular student just because you are a transfer applicant and will you graduate on time? Also, does this mean that when I transfer to Ateneo, I will be again a 1st year student? Please help me and your help in this matter will truly help me in my decisions. :) Thank you.


    • Okay, first off let me say this. I did not get accepted in Ateneo as I think I had one term that didn’t have full units. It will be up to the administration of Ateneo to decide which subjects would be credited and most of these are your general subjects. I have a friend who transferred to DLSU and she was an irregular student. If I were you, weigh the consequences and benefits. In one hand, you would graduate late, meaning you would have to pay more tuition and spend more time in the academe. On the other, Ateneo is a very reputable university and more options for your future will be available IF you work hard. Plus, the added benefit of being in the top 3 university means that it’s easier to find a job than other university students. Tuition and time is a short-term drawback compared to the long-term advantage Ateneo’s education can give you consequences


  6. Hi there ! May i ask a question ? if i only take 1st year 1st semester and 2nd year 1st semester in my previous school can i transfer in admu ?


    • As I remember, you need to have one complete academic year. If two semesters is one academic year, then that could count. I suggest you get the application form (or kit) from ADMU registrar and ask them the same question. All the list of things that you need to do and have are there in the kit.


  7. Hi Mr. Anarchy, I just want to ask you if you hired a tutor or enrolled yourself in a tutorial center to get prepared for your acet and what tutorial center is that?


  8. Hi Mr. Anarchy. I would just like to ask if for example, I want to start anew in Ateneo as a freshman through transferring. Can I say to them that I want to take the subjects again even if it can be credited? I’m from DLS-CSB by the way.


    • That I’m not sure. I’m guessing that they’ll credit your classes then you can take them again without credit? I’m honestly not sure but if you tell them that you want don’t want any classes credited; they’ll probably be glad to hear that. I suggest you ask the registrar.


  9. Hello po, Gusto ko sana mag transfer sa ADMU kaso may iang sem na underload na ako T_T wala na po bang chance since requirement ay dapat regular load? :(((


    • Mataas naman ang grades ko and pumasa naman ako dati ng ADMU kaso hindi ko ang nag enroll kasi ang mahal ng tuition so nag enroll ako sa ibang school pero after ilan months hindi ko talaga gusto yun environment ng current university ko :( and since dream school ko naman talaga ang ADMU gusto ko sana mag transfer and apply for scholarship. If it helps po i came from one of ateneo’s neighboring university


    • Unfortunately you can not transfer without full units. If there’s a chance you could start your undergrad again without counting your units, you can go for that. Just ask the registrar first. You can also try for UP Diliman.


  10. Hello po! :) I’m an incoming freshman this year and I’m planning to transfer in ADMU next year. Dream school ko po talaga kasi ang Ateneo. Unfortunately I failed the ACET last year (due to lack of preparation and pressured sa time kaya hindi ko natapos:( ) I want to give it another try next year. Ask ko lang po, Kung yun course ko sa previous university is MedTech tapos mag BS Bio ako sa ADMU may chance ba na ma-credit yun units kahit magkaiba yun course? Magiging 1st year po ba ako or 2nd year na? Same po ba yun exam ng incoming freshman at transfer applicants? Thank you!


  11. Hi Mr. Anarchy! It would really mean a lot if you answer this.

    I’m currently a 2015 frosh student in DLSU and I would really really want to transfer in ADMU since it is my dream college. Our first term starts this August 24, 2015. Will I be able to transfer already to ADMU next school year? (2016-2017), if I pass the ACET?

    According to the Ateneo website, you can secure a transfer kit already starting this June until December 2015, take the ACET on January 2016, then submit your final grades on May 2016.

    The real question though is, am I already allowed to apply a transfer considering I’m just a frosh?


  12. Hi po!! I hope you take the time po to answer two of my questions :( it would really help a lot.

    1st question: Upon reading your blogpost, I noticed po that you said you took the acet twice already. So when you wrote this blogspot, I’m assuming youre taking the acet for the 3rd time around na. Tama po ba?? :) Or mali lang pagkakaintindi ko? Haha. I read somewhere po kasi na ateneo has this rule that you can only take the acet twice. (maximum na yun). I dont know if its true though, so I just want to confirm from you po! :)

    2nd question: (this is for my friend). For example po you went to dlsu ng SY 2012-2013, then you transfered po in ateneo the next year. So bali SY 2013-2014 na po. I just want to ask, ung ireretake mo lang po ba na subjects ung magiging classmate mo from batch 2013?? tapos po ung ibang subjects mo kasabay mo na uli orginal batch mo (2012)?? :)

    Hoping for your response po kuya!


    • I don’t know where you heard the maximum of three exams but I was able to take the ACET for the third time. They allowed me to take it.

      For your second question, that’s up to the register to decide which units they’ll credit. It’s highly likely you’ll be delayed and start as a freshman with minimum units credited from the previous uni.


    • I got waitlisted three times, and I didn’t petition for it. I finished my uni level in DLSU since most of my peers were able to change my mind.

      If you do want to transfer, get into the honour roll/dean’s list, you must have a full-load of units per semester, try to join orgs as an executive, and of course ace the ACET.

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  13. Hello! uhm im currently a 4th year hs student and just 2 weeks ago i found out i didnt passed the acet. it was really heartbreaking because admu is my dream school. I don’t want to give up my dream on becoming an atenean. So if I study in another college for one year, will i just be delayed for a year or 2 years if i transfer to ateneo? i don’t want to be delayed for more than a year. I still want ro study there..


    • Hi! You’ll probably only be delayed a year if you take a full load of units. Good luck! Also, when you’re studying in that other college, make sure you’re in the dean’s list and have a full load of units. You’ll also have to take the ACET again.


  14. Hello, am I still eligible to Admu even if I’m studying at other school. Ateneo is my dream school, I was rejected from ACET the first time I took it. :( Btw, I have already finished 3 years in another school and I don’t feel my program is really for me that results in having failed subjects. I just want to start again, I know i’m going to be late, but there’s no more greater relief by just starting it again and in this prestigious school. Do you think Admu will accept me? I’ll give my beast in acet and essay question if I have chance :(


  15. HI! I just realised that although this post is ancient, you’ve still been answering the inquiries.
    I just wanted to ask for you opinion, seeing as you were in my current situation years back.
    I passed the ACET last year, getting into my dream course, but my parents pushed me attend this other school mainly due to the novelty and “greatness” of it. I didn’t exactly hate it, but I would say I made all the wrong choices.
    I’m applying again at Ateneo because of the obvious reason that I just really love the course I previously got in, and I’ve always loved the campus.
    My college grades are inadequate, to say the least, and I’m late in submitting my requirements. I haven’t taken the ACET again (they were still contemplating on letting me take it again), so I’m really doubting that they would accept me.
    Do you think I could get in? I (like everyone else here) really really want this. Now that my parents have finally let me apply again, I just don’t want to waste this opportunity. :((


    • I’m guessing this other university is UP Diliman? hahahaha

      This is new to me. I’ve heard of students failing the ACET then transfer to Ateneo but never passing it and needing to transfer afterwards.

      If you do follow the bare minimum requirements of a transferee, there is a high chance that you can get in. Choose a degree that not many people choose so there are slots you could take.


  16. Hey Mr Anarchy! I am an incoming freshman that will be studying in DLS-CSB, sad to say that I didnt pass the ACET due to the lack of review and overall preparation. The Tranfer application will be available next week but I am so driven and all my mindset is to get into ateneo by thriving in my freshamn year in CSB and aswell as taking AHEAD tutorials. My question is, Would you kindly give me critical tips or a simple guide to Getting into to ateneo as a tranfer applicant? And lastly is there ACET tutorials in AHEAD during November to December? Thank you so much for the help! Good day!


    • I suggest that you take subjects (full load of units which is probably 18 or more units) that are easy to get high grades. Don’t take major subjects since those are more difficult to high grades, and ADMU may not credit those units. As for AHEAD, review classes have finished already, but they do offer 1-on-1 reviews.


  17. Hey Mr Anarchy! I forgot to add in my last question.. Do you have to present your SSR ( Grades ) from High School when applying for transfer? Or is it just The grades from your full academic year in 1st year college.. thank you so much again!


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